The little black dress well known to many as the LBD is a black evening or cocktail dress. Most women feel that without an LBD your wardrobe is incomplete hence termed as a fashion rule. It is very important for a woman to own a simple and elegant black dress that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

the LBD can be paired up with classy pumps and a light jacket to give you an absolute daytime business look. Add ornaments and jewelry for an evening look.

In as much as the LBD is meant to be a staple for the wardrobe it should be left to be as simple, classy and original outfit as possible.



The little black dress

Back at it!

It has been a while since I have written. I would be lying if I said that I lost track of time. I did not. It was just a process of contemplating whether I was sure about doing this. I have learnt a few things along the way and I am hoping to share this with you today.
First and foremost do not try to compare your work with anyone else. Someone else’s work is always going to be better than yours and this is the first step to giving up.We all have our reasons for blogging and sometimes the reasons might be the same but from a completely different perspective. For instance, I really love Sharon Mundia and whatever she does is great. However ,I think it becomes difficult for people to relate to some of the things that she posts. You might be holding onto your ideas about something that would have in turn helped someone else. so don’t hold back your ideas because someone else has already talked about it or you know has a better platform to present it. You are your own platform.
Second, it all has to begin from somewhere. you just can’t start and expect to go to 100. So just keep it real and do your own thing. if your content is good its good.
Always inquire and read a lot​. Follow other people doing the same thing and learn. The internet has a lot​ that one can actually learn from. So always have the desire to learn more, read more, talk more and above all listen. Otherwise, ​I will keep sharing new ideas along the way. I hope you will relate and learn more. Don’t​ forget to like and share.

Soo Crushing….


Whenever I’m going out with my girlfriends on Wednesday evenings, I tend to take a lot of time wondering what to wear. Well i found some few tips that I thought I should probably share with you. First and foremost make sure that whatever you are picking is comfortable and will get you through the night. I would advice you to go for a short fitting dress. It should not be too tight . This will enable you to dance and feel relaxed without wondering whether the dress is too tight or too short.The next thing is choose your accesories wisely. When it comes to the earings, pick them depending on your hairstyle. Then the shoes come last. Wear flat shoes. There are a variety. Starting from sandles to sandack and normal flat closed shoes in general. Well last night was great as I rocked my purple Calvin Klein dress. Too glam to give a damn.


It’s Monday wake up, pray, slay and leave them wondering. Fashion is you. Wear something that you are comfortable in and that will get you through the day. My look of the day is the jumpsuit.  I love jumpsuits since they are comfortable if only you get them in the right size. What do you say? Wake up beauty.. It’s Monday.. Time to beast. NAMASLAY. As always the slay in me recognizes the slay in


Well well well.. It’s all fun and games until you have to pee. The jumpsuits are casual and easy to accessorize. Pair them with heels, scandals or flats and you are good to go.